Final Pic Of My “Old” Fat Ass

big tits

Yes my ass is fat and round. This picture was taken on Jan. 29, 2013
A few days later, on Feb. 1st, 2013 I had the "Brazilian Butt Lift" procedure done.

That’s where they do liposuction on your stomach and back and then put the fat they sucked out into your butt cheeks to make them BIGGER!

The same thing that Kim Kardashian had done to make her ass so big.

And then since it’s your own fat cells…they naturally start to grow in your butt making it permanently bigger!

As you can see my ass was already a big bubble butt. Next time I post a pic of it (after I am done recovering from the procedure) it’s gonna be a LOT bigger and ready to be mounted and penetrated. :)