Hey y’all I’m Claudia Marie. I’m an adult film actress and private entertainer to men from around the world. Just google up my name to find out more! I’ve seen a lot of fake blogs out there, so I opened a flickr account and got my husband to set up this blog for me. And I have him take pics of me with my phone camera and upload them and I blog them here for y’all to see my real life behind the scenes.

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  1. Hi there Claudia!!

    It was very nice to meat you in vegas att the avn after party and eaven better att the after after party we had in the hotell room!!

    Hope you remember me!?!…I think you liked me alot!?!…

    Hope to here from you!!!

    love jake

  2. hello gorgeous, how are you, greetings from mexico, i would love to have a signed photo from you, personalized if it were possible, how can i get two pics of you?



  3. been a big fan since you came on the scene (no pun intended) in 2007 w/ Naughty America. Glad you made it big. Was wondering when the next time you are going to be coming up to NYC again (again, no pun intended, LOL).

    Hope life treats you well, and hope to see you in the hopefully not-too-distant future.

  4. Hi my name is Emmanuel.

    Ok i am adult and 32 yrs old and i like how do you do a things because i like the fat or big lady with a big tits, like you. how can i meet with you? jst lat me now how i am young and to fresh. jst give me your detals so that i can contact you personly. thanks buy

    • My name is robel from San Diego and would like to have a session with you I am crazy bout you.and won’t to spend the night with you.what are the Ness city to make my fantasy true

  5. Hi Claudia my name is Brian I grew up in Los Angeles but I had moved to Reno shortly after the 1992 riots and yes I have been to Vegas I know all about the Las Vegas Strip. Me and you are bout the close in age. I am 35. I was wondering you could give me some advice. M.y screen name speaks for itself I am currently in serving in the Army. I can give my email address so you can write me there

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  7. Hi Claudia, I just want u 2 know that now I’m a fan of yours. Plus, I just heard some of your songs and they’re not bad at all. Will u put a cd out? I’m also following u on twitter and facebook. I really love u when u wear those teeny weeny monokinis and I hope u wear more of them. And I also seen some videos of yours and they r hot and sexy. Stay sweet sexy and busty.

  8. Probably my favorite porn actress. Super perky personality, pretty blue eyes, great smile with perfect lips, and that accent alone can make my dick hard.

    Oh, and she has a pretty pussy, and some perfect legs and ass. More natural tit less implant imo, but who complains about big tits? Personally I like the legs and ass more than the tits, spilled more seed watching that ass bounce than a gardener with Parkinsons.

  9. How would i go about meeting you in person. I am a big fan and think your a total knockout,and its one of the things on my bucket list. Im 44yo caucasion 5ft9 175 lbs and handsome,so im told. Drop me a line when you get a chance,thanks.

  10. Hi sweetie you are so sweet I love evewryrthing about you wow I love, you are that can’t of lady I really wanted my name is Abraham I would love to get in touch with u please how do I reach u I need your contact you have a lovely boobs I really feel like holding it for real can’t wait baby

  11. Hi Claudia do u have toys and if u do if I give you money would you fuck my ass and let me doggy style you and grope ur body and touch my body lol and finger my ass a little and titty fuck you and throat fuck u till u gag spit on my cock and ass and suck ur pussy and ass

  12. You are a very beautiful woman with amazing shapes. I love these curves. You should be a model of femininity. By the way, I might know your dimensions: height and weight? Regards.

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