11 thoughts on “Claudia Marie PAWG 4-26-2015

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  2. so I live in Las Vegas Nevada I’m a full custody single father to a almost 4 year old boy anyways his mom left and never came back 2 years ago I’ve only fucked 4 girls since then so I’m horny and in need and I thought how much fucking fun we’d have together I know I’d get ha wet an get ya off before you completely drain myItalian and polish hard as fuck throbbing cock you’ll need both hands and you can than put the tip in your mouth cause I’ll be more than ready so what do I have to do to get you to I don’t know meet me at a hotel here in Vegas & I can meet you have a few drinks relax for a minute and fuck each other’s brains out so I’m trying to do this in the end of June or early July so let me know how much & I’ll let you know what day and time cause omfg I’d love to make a scene with you Claudia good fucking lord that would be absolutely fanfuckingtastic mmmmm damn I hope you respond this will be EPIC can’t wait now I’ve got that ass n those huge knockers to fantasize about & shit who knows if I really enjoy spending time and fucking digging my dick in your hole I’ll prolly book ya again around the holidays mmmmm yeah thanks Claudia sooooo excited

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